Spring into Yarnell UTV Poker Run

Spring into Yarnell UTV Poker Run


February 25, 2020


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SPRING INTO YARNELL POKER RUN will be an amazing day, with some amazing stops, all to benefit a great cause. The run will start at 10 am Saturday March 28th 2020 and will feature 5 stops for card pick ups and raffle tickets. We will use a conventional scorecard that will be imprinted with the card you have drawn at each stop. You will have the opportunity for 1 card re buy on the trail to try and make a better hand. The highest 2 hands and the lowest hand at the end of the run will receive the top 3 prizes. We will offer a 50/50 raffle and an array of prizes and giveaways from our sponsors. UTVAZ will provide staging for trucks and trailers on a 2 acre graded two tier piece of property behind the American Legion in Yarnell. Upon completion of the run all UTV’s will arrive at Gilligans Pizza & Bar for their final card and the finale of the event, Gilligans will have great specials and live music onsite.


For an entry fee ($20.00) each person gets a scorecard and runs a preset route with 5 stops or checkpoints. At each checkpoint there is a person with a full deck of cards in a bag. The participant then has to pull a random card out of the bag and have it marked on their score card and continue on to the next checkpoint. At the final checkpoint all the scorecards are collected up and the persons with the top 2 best hands and the person with the worst hand will win the tier prizes. 100% of the entry will go to WeDevelop fro charity! 50/50 raffle – 50% to winner and 50% to WeDevelop for charity