History of Yarnell, Arizona

History of Yarnell, Arizona


February 19, 2018


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History of Yarnell, Arizona

Yarnell, Arizona is an area of about 8.82 square miles, with the coordinates 34°13′21″N 112°44′59″W. According to the 2010 census, the population of Yarnell, Arizona was 649.

This region is in Yavapai County in Arizona State and its local time zone is UTC-7.

At the moment, it is a census designated place (CDP).

The region is endowed with beautiful scenery. These include the Yarnell Hill, the Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountains, ghost towns and several old mining buildings dating back to 1925.

Yarnell is known for its high karat gold.

Gold Mining in Yarnell, Arizona

The history of Yarnell, Arizona dates back to the year 1865. It was around 1865 that Charles Genung discovered gold in Yarnell Arizona.

However, it was until 1873, that Harrison Yarnell discovered the Yarnell mines. Yarnell Mines was closed in 1940, when it ceased to be profitable.

In fact, this community was named after Harrison, who was a prospector.

Moreover, mining is not the only economic activity here. They offer numerous services to retirees and travelers, alongside ranching as other economic activities.

Road Infrastructure in Yarnell, Arizona

Notably, there has been significant road network here owing to its amazing scenery. Still, the Old U.S. Route 89 that was paved in 1933 remained to be one of the most significant routes.

For a long time, the U.S. Route 89 remained to be the main highway connecting Phoenix to Wickenburg, in addition to Prescott and northern Arizona.

This route is now the State Route 89.

Disasters in Yarnell, Arizona

You cannot talk of the history of Yarnell, Arizona without mentioning the Yarnell Fire of July 30, 2013.

The Yarnell Fire was the third deadliest fire in the United States since the East Bay Hills fire of 1991. It killed 19 fire fighters from the City of Prescott while destroying nearly half of Yarnell town.

Brendan McDonough was the only survivor during the Yarnell Fire tragedy.

This fire was ignited by lightning, destroying about 127 structures.

Yarnell Climate & Weather

Generally, the weather in Yarnell tends to be somehow mild throughout the year. It has average temperatures of 77.4 F during summer and 40.4 F degrees during winter.

This could be the reason why it is commonly referred to as “Where the Desert Breeze Meets the Mountains Air”.

Over the years, it is this weather conditions that allowed Yarnell residents to venture in other activities such as farming.

Fun Activities in Yarnell, Arizona

Even though most people in Phoenix and other parts of the U.S. visit Yarnell to see the beautiful scenery, the town is also famous for two main events held every year. These include the Buzzard’s Bash and the Yarnell Daze.

This has led to the high influx of tourists, contributing to the growth of hotel and catering industry in Yarnell.

People Living in Yarnell

The inhabitants of Yarnell include Whites, Black Americans, Native Americans and Pacific Islander, among other races. It is also a place for most retirees.

Since 1880s till today, there has been a significant and steady growth in population and infrastructural development in Yarnell, Arizona.

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